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Michigan Democratic congressman proposes...

According to foreign media reports, Democratic lawmakers from Michigan have recently proposed a bill requiring utility companies in the state to deploy or purchase 2.5GW battery energy storage systems by 2030, and are considering specific targets for deploying long-term energy storage systems.

Michigan House of Representatives Bill 4256 was initiated by Democratic Congressman Jenn Hill, requiring regulated utility companies in the state to deploy 2.5GW battery energy storage systems by December 31, 2029. The bill also received support from 19 other Democrats.

The proposal includes a requirement that more than 50% of the energy storage capacity is owned by entities outside of the power company, and the power company must purchase electricity for these energy storage projects under a 15 year contract.

The bill also stipulates that the signed contracts have certain requirements that require energy storage systems to participate in the wholesale electricity market and provide all the services that the technology can provide. And these energy storage systems also provide long-term revenue to support third-party financing and ensure added value for power customers.

The author of this report also hopes to see a study conducted to determine procurement targets specifically for long-term energy storage systems and 'multi day energy storage systems'. The bill defines long-term energy storage systems as energy storage systems with a discharge duration of 10 hours or more.

This proposal reflects the mid-term goals proposed by Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer in the "Michigan Healthy Climate Plan" launched in April last year. Prior to this, the Department of Environment and Energy of the Great Lakes Region (EGLE) of Michigan proposed to deploy 2.5GW energy storage system by 2030 in a report a month ago.

Michigan belongs to the region where regional transmission system operators (TSO) and independent system operators (MISO) in the United States provide power services.

Although Michigan has few large-scale energy storage systems deployed, it is home to some well-known battery and battery component factories.

American battery manufacturer Our Next Energy (ONE) will open a new lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery super factory in Van Buren in 2024, while Natron Energy and Clarios International are building a new sodium ion battery factory on top of the existing lithium-ion battery storage factory in Meadowbrook.

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