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Nearly 70% of lithium battery projects...

According to a recent study conducted by the European Union for Transport and Environment, more than two-thirds of lithium-ion battery production plant projects in Europe will face the risk of construction delays, scale reductions, or cancellations.

It is understood that the above research evaluates lithium-ion battery factory projects in Europe based on factors such as guarantee funds, construction status and permits, investment from European OEM manufacturers or support from EU institutions, projects already planned in the United States, and cooperation with American OEM manufacturers. It is found that about 68% of these projects face the risk of construction delay, scale reduction, or cancellation.

This study confirms rumors earlier this year that companies launching super battery factory projects in Europe may shift their investments. Research has found that as companies investing and operating in the United States consider utilizing the incentives provided by the Inflation Reduction Act, a significant portion of the battery market in Europe may be seized by the United States.

The research report indicates that the most likely to be affected are Tesla's super battery factory in Berlin and Northvolt's Italvolt battery factory near Turin. Northvolt has previously stated that due to high energy prices at the end of last year, there is a risk of delay in the construction of its planned Deloitte super battery factory in Heidelberg, Germany.

Moreover, an analyst said that the construction of all battery production projects in Europe will be postponed to some extent.

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