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Export growth exceeds 700%! ...

North Star Energy Storage Network learned that on November 22, according to CCTV Finance's "On Time Finance" program, energy supply in the European region continues to be tight, with high electricity prices, a surge in demand for household energy storage equipment, and a significant increase in exports from domestic related enterprises.

Reporter Li Lin: A household energy storage device can be simply imagined as an oversized power bank. One end of the device is connected to several sets of energy storage batteries using a controller, while the other end is connected to the power grid using an inverter. Many countries implement peak valley electricity prices, which allow devices to charge during periods of low electricity prices and use electricity during periods of high electricity prices or power outages, achieving the effect of peak shaving and valley filling. This device can store up to 14 kilowatt hours of electricity at a time and can be used for more than half a month for a double door refrigerator.

A more advanced usage is to combine household energy storage devices with photovoltaic modules on the roof to achieve solar power consumption at home.

Since the beginning of this year, the demand for household energy storage devices in Europe has surged. In a production workshop in Taizhou, Jiangsu, every corner is filled with products. Last year, there were only a few people on the production line, but now it has increased to over twenty people. Due to insufficient production capacity, employees also need to shift from one shift to two shifts.

According to statistics from Taizhou Customs, since the beginning of this year, the export volume of household energy storage equipment in the entire Taizhou region has increased by over 700% year-on-year, and has continued to show a positive trend.

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